The Sea

by Marcel Schechter

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The Sea 09:29
Your face is starting to feel numb. The wind is driving the sand. Like on the highways, it passes you by, changing lanes all the time. The water is drawing its contours. The sea already turned grey. You stand still and everything around you moves. Everything moves you. Breathing in. Breathing out. Tide rolls in. Tide rolls out. Look inside while looking out. This is the sea. With every wave that reaches your feet, you sink a little deeper into the sand. Why would you keep walking? Each of these grains of sand was once something meaningful. So keep asking yourself what has meaning for you?
Simplify 05:34
Somehow everything is complicated. Somehow you just can't understand it anymore. Somehow everything used to be easier. Right, wrong, bad, good. Doesn't anything have a place anymore? Male, female, nations, cultures. Why is everything suddenly so close? And why doesn't anyone explain it to me? Can you simplify it, please? Can you explain that, please? Can you answer that, please? Can you stop that, please? Simple answers. Simple rules. Simple life. Simple people. Everything is based on deception. And all is based on fear.
Please follow me and step inside. May I introduce you to: Peter. He is a leader in his field and he's very influential. His technology is relevant to the system and will become commonplace. He's developing robots. They're reliable, never get tired. So versatile. They are always learning. And can be a great help. They're almost perfect. He keeps them listening to music. It looks like this must be the key. Peter is a master of mechanics and his software is second to none. But there's one important problem, that even Peter can't solve yet. He has read countless books and has conducted countless experiments. And of course there are good simulations but a simulation is just not real. How do you construct a soul? How do you construct compassion? How do you construct a shared memory? And how do you construct love? Otherwise, they're actually perfect.
Pulse 07:04
Sometimes it takes many years, to understand. Many times you didn't know what would happen next. You were afraid. You had great doubts. But you didn't let us feel it, and instead gave us safety. We live our lives, time's passing by, the beating pulse. I hope you're alright. We don't see each other that often but inside me you're near. As I get older we become more alike. Our talks are getting deeper. Thank you for being you.
One Percent 05:58
Economic growth, higher standards of living, increased consumption, provide new jobs, very good consumer climate, high sales and profit margins, increased innovation, increased productivity. One percent owns more than half of everything. And one half owns one percent. So may I ask - what are you telling us? Operate globally with just-in-time production. Use human capital management, be efficient and flexible. Carry only assets that maximize value, generate demand growth. Increase your shareholder value stock market rally. And now we are stuck at home and sing on our balconies. Skies are clear again, nights are silent again. And with plenty of time to be scared there's also plenty of time to think, plenty of time to change some things. These are not immutable laws. Let's get back to normal. But was it really normal before? Do we want to go back there? All for one percent?
Delayed 05:39
She's been standing here for a long time on this platform. It's windy and she pulls her jacket closer. By now hardly anyone is here. Everyone has either been picked up. Or has gotten on. Is there someone waiting for her? Or who is she waiting for? Is he just late? What does he look like? Will she recognize him? He might not even show up. It always looked as if there was a timetable that showed departures and arrivals. And she just waited. Is he delayed?
The Evening 03:47


released June 12, 2020

Music & lyrics by Marcel Schechter
Produced and mixed by Marcel Schechter

Benni Jud - bass (1-6)
Jan-Philipp Wiesmann - drums (1-3, 5, 6)
Martin Miller - git (6)
Marcel Schechter - piano, hammond, synths, wurlitzer, mellotron, accordion, celesta, percussion, vocals


all rights reserved



Marcel Schechter Besigheim, Germany

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