As You Are

by Marcel Schechter

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released September 12, 2018

Music & lyrics by Marcel Schechter
Produced, mixed and mastered by Marcel Schechter
Musicians: Benni Jud - bass, Jan-Philipp Wiesmann & Tobias Derer - drums, Thomas Langer & Matthias Franz & Christian Ott & Andreas Pohr - git, Alexandra Lehmler - bass clarinet, Ralf Gscheidle - accordion, Marcel Schechter - keys, vocals


all rights reserved



Marcel Schechter Besigheim, Germany

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Track Name: In Between
Somehow in between.

Not yesterday.
Not tomorrow.

It's all passing by.
Things feel lazy
under an unreal sky.

Are we
really part of it all?
All with ourselves.
Stop – thinking.

So you carry
your hour-lily,
holding your breath.
What is it really about?

Can it just stay that way?
But surely into the grey
the first colours will appear.
Next Day.
Track Name: As You Are
A look out of the window,
lost in your thoughts,
you're hung up on big ideas
that got smaller and smaller over the years.
Until they're almost gone.
And only in these moments do they shine
deep inside you.

Let yourself be seen as you are
with what you long for.

But there is nobody
who can see behind your mirror
that is silent motionless.
and there's something that paralyzes you.
Therefore, open the gates
and let the world into you.

Let yourself be seen as you are
with what you long for.
And trust in you.
And show yourself.
And love yourself.
And find yourself.
Track Name: You
Remember this afternoon
a long time ago.
There was this one moment
you looked at me.

And as our eyes met,
warmth flowed through me.
It was like there was only us
as we looked into our souls.

Through the years
and through the storms,
you are at my side.
And every time I close me eyes
deep inside me there's you.

You get older and you change,
you think about your aims in life.
And you stand at a fork in the road.
Will you go left?

Even though I went right
we met again at the next junction.
And we both could tell something different
and knew that we would go on together.
Track Name: Summer
You're all yourself,
all with your family,
all with your friends,
all with your love.

The sun has just set
and the air is still shimmering.
Your skin smells of sunscreen,
sand between your toes.

The many tracks in the sand
tell of the past day.
Something connects them all:
this very special feeling.

This feeling always seems
to have been the same.
Italy with your parents,
ice-cream and warm cobblestone.

Many years later,
long talks in the balmy night.
Later kisses that taste like salt.
Why should we sleep?

The air is still shimmering.
Track Name: Gone
The spinning wheel turns every winter.
You sit together and tell stories.
So much happens through the years
and runs through your hands like this yarn.

The clouds show you the way to the moon,
show you the way to peace.
And I'm happy for you
but at the same time I feel so empty.
You're gone.
But one thing is certain and remains:
you're loved.

I could always rely on you.
You were the one who was always there.
Who loved and understood me no matter what happened,
where I could always be myself.
Track Name: November
The alarm clock wakes you up,
you are dizzy for a moment.
Then your heart begins to race
and your stomach feels weak.

So many thoughts flash through your mind,
so much to do and remember.
Before you even get up,
you already feel exhausted.

Now just lie still,
just stop everything.
Put the blanket over your head
and disappear.

Back to the time-out of sleep,
back to this little world
that only belongs to you
and nobody can look into.

But you couldn't fall asleep now anyway
and the known routine can start.
Leg one, leg two, just get up,
step by step against this feeling.

And in fact
with the cold water the paralysis seems to disappear.
Somehow it can start now,
day 1, week 48.

But hey,
do you realize?
There's something really wrong.
And that you can't run away from it
because it's part of you
and it will certainly welcome you again and again.

And at some point the sleep disappears,
you wake up in the middle of the night.
And the more you want to go back to sleep
the less you succeed.

So you start reading
but nothing gets through to you.
It is a doom-loop
that really scares you.
Track Name: The Small Room
What do you call home?
A place, your family, your lover?
Do you know where to go to
if you want to feel safe?

As a child the answer was clear:
a small village in the woods,
our place, house number 4
and a small room on the first floor.

As you say goodbye
you know for sure
life means to keep walking
and to always remember where you've been.

When I return to this place today
and all of these memories are back on my mind:
the crunch of snow or playing in the park,
taking photos of the lake.
And all of this somehow has made me
who I am today.

Time flies
and at some point you realize
that if you want to feel safe
you now have a small room inside you.

There you can find
moments and memories and feelings.
And all of this becomes the music of your soul.
This is your home.

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